About Us

I am Nancy, the hubs is Marshall, and the babes is Kade. This is a blog about our life, loves, adventures, life style, and mostly just randomness.    

I really wish that I had some epic or dramatic love story about how we met, but sadly I don’t. We met while going to school, started dating, fell in love, got engaged, got married, and our now living our happily ever after. The most important part though is that it really is a happily ever after.  

We recently moved from Idaho to Washington for my husband to work for his dream company. He studied finance and has been working in banking for the last few years, but is now switching over to agriculture financing. I studied sociology and use to work for a Non Profit Developmental Disability Agency as Director of Kids Services, but am now a career woman turned stay at home mom. The babes studies sleeping, how to be adorable, and how to have mom and dad wrapped around my finger. We are trying to figure out adult/family life together, and having fun in the process.


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  1. Love your Honey Mustard Recipe, I have to Try It, and will let you know how we like it. For Sure. also Like your Life Blog. It's Different. (you can tell I don't read to many Blogs) LOL :)