Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Fun

At the beginning of almost every summer I make tons of plans and have all these amazing ideas of what my summer will intell. Most of those wonderful ideas never happen though, and to be completely honest they never even usually leave my head. Then when summer is over I am always disappointed. So, this summer Marshall and I made of list of ten things that we wanted to do, and we are going cross them off our list as we do them. I am so excited about this, because I feel like we might actually do some of them(hopefully all of them).

Summer Fun 2012 Bucket List

 1. Hike Palisades Reservoir 
2. Have a Croquet Party 
3. Go Cliff Jumping 
 4. Spend a day in SLC 
5. Go to the Drive-In Movie Theater
 6. Go to Lava Hot Springs
 7. Camping(yes in a tent) 
8. Go to Bear World 
9. Visit Mesa Falls 
10. Have lots of Picnics


  1. I always feel the same way! That's a brilliant idea and I'm going to make Michael do that with me.

  2. You should do it with Michael, and make one of your trips/activities to visit Marshall and me in Rexburg haha.