Tuesday, August 7, 2012


We spent this last weekend at my brothers house with his family and my Mom. It was such a great weekend. Marshall and Kinsley(our niece) have always had a special bond. They constantly tease each other, wrestle, play, and have several nicknames(most of Kinsley's for Marshall are made up words) for each other. But as much as they tease they really do love each other, and they are very entertaining together.

A few of their conversations
(Kinsley has a british accent with a lisp... so keep in mind while reading)

Marshall: "Kinsley I need to tell you something"
Kinsley: "What Marshall?"
Marshall: "I love you!"
Kinsley: "I love you Marshall! But your crazy!" 

Marshall: "Kinsley your a silly goose"
Kinsley: "And your a stinker Marshall. Marshall the stinker!" 

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  1. Very cute pics and conversations! Sounds like a fun weekend.