Friday, May 3, 2013

The Birthday Girl

We were lucky enough to be invited to our niece Kinsley's Birthday Party. She turned the big 4! It was such a good day just spent with family and having fun!

Some of our favorite things about Kinsley
-your british accent with a lisp. cutest thing ever
-how much you absolutely love cats
-the way that you can't say ice cream, because you have to scream it because you just love it so much
-when you hug us so hard you crush our bones
-your facial expressions. they seriously are the best
-all of your awesome nicknames you make for marshall (marshall darshall farshall carshall padarshall tarshall)

Kinsley we just love you! 

^^In the words of Kinsley, "I am going to tackle you!"^^

^^there is almost too much cuteness in this picture to handle^^


  1. LOVE it! Thanks for being the best aunt and uncle around!!

  2. Well I'm just glad your kids make it easy to be the best aunt and uncle around! Love you guys!