Monday, August 5, 2013

Playing Grown Up

We were lucky enough to be able to babysit my nieces and nephew this last weekend. It was my brother Ross's birthday, so they went out and had a good time while we had a good time with their kids. Marshall performed "magic" tricks, we painted nails, had a picnic, and went to Reed's Dairy. It was quite an eventful day! It felt a lot like we were playing grown ups or parents. I know what you are all thinking, and yeah it was weird for us too!
As usual I have to put some of the kids best quotes from our time spent together.
"Marshall is a way better driver than you are Nancy!" -Lilly
"Marshmallow come here! Come here Marshmallow!" -Kinsley
"I just want cheese for lunch." -Kinsley
"Nancy why are you so much bigger than me?" -Kinsley


^^ Warn out after a fun filled Day ^^


  1. So fun! I am glad you live close enough to be able to babysit. Wish I lived closer and see you and Marshall and Ross and his family more often!!

    1. I wish we lived closer to you too Trina! First off because then I would be able to see you guys all the time, but also because you live in fabulous warm Cali near the beach LOL!

  2. You are so pretty. That's all.