Thursday, January 19, 2017

A New Chapter

Eastern Idaho was home to Marshall and I for about the last 7 years, and for Kade his entire life. When Marshall and I first got married the plan was always to someday try to make it back to Washington if we could, but we tried to not jinx ourselves by over thinking or talking about it. But every time I would go home to visit my family the over thinking and talking about it would come back. Then it would fade and essentially became this cycle of I want to live in Washington so bad then to but I love my life in Idaho. Yeah I'm cray cray I know. In the back of my head I honestly thought we were going to live in Idaho forever. I just felt like that was what was going to happen and that I needed to accept that Washington just might not be in our future. I came to accepted that and was happy!

Then life happens. After submitting many applications to this company Marshall has wanted to work for a couple of years they offer him a job. We were both in such shock that we both just literally sat on the couch for almost a half hour without speaking. Then Marshall was instantly psyched for it and ready to go. While I was sitting on the couch trying to hold back tears. All of sudden this 7 year long life in Idaho was going to be horribly hard to leave. Idaho was where we both graduated from college, fell in love, started our careers, semi-fully became grown ups, had our first child, and grew up more as people than any other time period in our lives. What was wrong with me? This is what I wanted our entire married life. To move closer to my family. Have Marshall have a job that he will love and can grow in. Why is change so ridiculously hard?

I never really intended on having Marshall not take the job offer but it did cross my mind. The idea of it all was just harder than I expected. We ended up saying goodbye to our life in Idaho three short weeks later. Both Marshall and I worked up until the last few days before the big move. Those three weeks went by too fast and not fast enough all at once. Southeast Idaho will always hold such a special place in our hearts. It holds many memories very dear to me. I'm sure that his new chapter in our lives will prove to be just as important as the last. While talking with a friend a few days before leaving I was telling her that one of my favorite quotes is roughly if your not moving forward your moving backwards. Moving to Washington is moving forward for our family. I am so excited(most of the time) that we made this decision and have been given this oppurtunity. So I'm going to try to take my own advice. Here is to embracing the new, change, and growth.

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