Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good Things

Sometimes I just have those days when I feel sorry for myself, and throw myself a very pathetic and lonely pity party. Here is to anit-pity parties. Lets look at the GOOD THINGS. Cause something good is always happening in our lives. So here is to Good Things.

-First I got a dream paid internship for the summer. I am going to be a Developmental Paraprofessional for special need kids at Journeys(no not the shoe store).

-Second Marshall has been working his butt off in his accounting class, and it is paying off.

-Third We are in love and will always have each other!!!


  1. How did I not know you started a new blog? I always check your old one and wonder why you don't blog now that you are sorry I missed 6 months of your life! I'll keep up now! Thanks for your vote, I appreciate it. Have fun at home! Love ya!

  2. No one knows Sally that's why haha. I just haven't told anyone yet because I haven't started blogging regularly and I was waiting tell I had. But you found it lol. Love ya too and miss you guys tons!