Sunday, April 28, 2013

Please Excuse My Absence

It has been over three months since my last post. So this post is definitely long over due. There are so many things that have happened, and that should have been blogged about to be remembered. I graduated in December and post grad life has turned out to be busier than I expected. Before I graduated I use to think about all the things that I was going to do after I graduated, and had this whole picture in my head of how life would be. Well reality doesn't quite match that picture. Don't get me wrong life is still awesome, but it is just different. I guess that I have just realized that life is always busy, and always will be. And the more I think about that the more I like the idea of it. Life should be busy and we should be continually progressing. I am finally starting to feel adjusted to post grad life, and hey I finally am even starting to feel like I am a college graduate. It is pretty good feeling. So here is to getting back to normal, or as normal as normal can be.

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