Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Fun

Last summer I made a list of all the things that Marshall and I wanted to do. Well we had good intentions, but only got about half the list done. We are making another list this year and I am hoping that we do all of them(or at least do more than half). So here is our list for this summer, and lets get excited for summer!

Summer Fun 2013 Bucket List
1. Hike Palisades Reservoir
2. Go Camping
3. Go to Mesa Falls
4. Have a Croquet Party
5. Go to Lava Hot Springs
6. Go Cliff Jumping
7. Have a Picnic
8. Visit Jackson Hole
9. Have a Bonfire
10. Go to the Drive In


  1. That sounds like a great list! I highly recommend zip lining - we went in Cancun and LOVED it. Seriously awesome.