Tuesday, May 21, 2013

While Marshall's Away

This semester Marshall is doing what the University calls IBC(Integrated Business Core). Pretty much you take all your classes with the same 45 people, and our put into companies of 15 where you create a business. It is a pretty intense program. To build team unity they sent all the companies out to Badger Creek(which is about 45 minutes outside of Rexburg) to set up camp. At Badger Creek they had to cook together, do ropes courses, team building exercises, and in the words of Marshall manly camping things. Marshall was dreading the trip from the beginning, but didn't end up hating it. He learned to appreciate most of his company members more, and the whole experience made his company more comfortable with one another. Four days living the single life was pretty fun for me, but I was ready to have him home when the time came. I think that my days of single life were much more enjoyable than his.

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