Monday, October 14, 2013

A Hidden Talent

Marshall has quite the long list of favorite sports team, and one of the latest additions is the Montana Grizzlies football team. Marshall really likes classic teams who are all about tradition, and Montana is all about tradition. Every year the Griz honors the best defensive player that is from Montana with the number 37, and for the last two years Jordan Tripp has been honored with the number. Jordan Tripp is one of Marshall's favorite players of the team, and he decided to draw a picture of him one night. Marshall has always loved to draw, and just gets better and better with time. A lot of people don't know that Marshall is an amazing artist and I have always considered it one of his hidden talents. When Marshall got done drawing the picture of Jordan Tripp he put it on instagram and tagged Jordan Tripp in it not expecting any sort of response or communication. Then in the words of Marshall "his whole life was made!" Jordan Tripp not only respond to the drawing, but reposted it on his instagram and facebook, and praised Marshall for his amazing art.  Then to top it off Trumaine Johnson, a starting defensive back for the Saint Louis Rams and former Griz player, commented and liked Marshall's drawing. I'm glad that someone besides me recognized and enjoyed Marshall's art. So proud of my hubs!

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  1. Awesome! I saw it on Instagram and was impressed, but I didn't know that it got picked up and reposted! So cool!