Monday, October 21, 2013

Birthdays, Randoms, and Marriage

As most of you all know if you read my blog, are friends with Marshall on facebook, follow of any Marshall's social media accounts, or have met and talked with him for more than two minutes he loves the Bulls and he loves loves loves Derrick Rose. Derrick's birthday was the beginning of this month, and last year Marshall begged for the two of us to celebrate his birthday and we did so now I guess it is tradition because we did this year as well. Last year we made red velvet cinnamon rolls(obviously because they look like Roses and are red for the Bulls), but this year Marshall wanted something a little bit more traditional Triple Chocolate Cake(Marshall calls is Holy Jesus Experience). So I made cake and we celebrated Derrick Rose's 25th birthday. Now I know to some of you this may sound so absurd or crazy, but I think its little things like this that make marriages and relationship awesome. Did I know really anything about basketball, the Bulls, or Derrick Rose before I met Marshall. No, I most certainly did not but its important to him, and so I respect that in his life and listen. Marriage and relationships are all about give and take. Marshall didn't know anything about sewing, crafts, the Kardashians or cooking before he met me, and now he does because he knows its important to me. I have always known that marriage and relationships are about working with and respecting each other, but I guess that I'm realizing its the little things that make it that much better like me making a cake once a year to celebrate an important day for Marshall, or Marshall giving his opinion about the dress I'm sewing or who just got kicked off of Project Runway. Happy belated birthday Derrick Rose and Happy relationships to everyone!

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