Monday, April 20, 2015

Kade's Birth Story

I was about 39 weeks pregnant on April 11th, 2015 when I woke up having very mild consistent contractions. It was a Saturday and I had gotten up around 7 AM as usual because sleeping in was something that happened very seldom at this point in pregnancy. I thought it might be contractions but didn't want get myself over excited if it wasn't. I called my Mom and talked to her about what contractions felt like again for the 100th time(I called her a lot the last month of pregnancy). I then called the hospital to tell them what was happening, and asked what I should do if they continued or progressed. They told me to go about my day as normal, and to be patient. I then decided to take a shower and get ready for the day to keep myself busy and not focus on whether or not this was really happening. 

Marshall and I then headed out the door to go grocery shopping for the week. We headed to Sam's Club. I went and got the few things that we needed while Marshall got us hot dogs for lunch. We got through the store and checked out. While Marshall was finishing loading up the car I took the cart back when I all of sudden I felt a huge gush of warm liquid run down my legs. I instantly yelled for Marshall. I started to walk back over to the car when another huge gush started running down my legs. I just looked at Marshall and started crying and said frantically "my water broke!". Luckily we had some blankets and stuff in the car for me to sit on. We got in the car, and Marshall helped me calm down so I could call the hospital. I called the hospital, and they told me to go home and get my things together then to head on over. We went home and Marshall packed the car while I changed and got a little bit cleaned up. We then headed to the hospital. I had decided to still deliver at Madison Memorial Hospital even though we moved to Idaho Falls because I didn't want to switch doctors. So we had a half hour drive. At this point my contractions hadn't been to bad, but on the way to the hospital they started to get a little more intense. I was starting to have to focus on being calm and breathing through them when they hit. 

We got to the hospital around 1 PM, and I expected there to be tons of women having babies because it was in Rexburg, but I was only their second person admitted that day. It was nice and calm, and they got me all hooked up and ready to go. The nurse checked me and said that my doctor wanted me to be a tiny bit more dilated before I could have my epidermal. They then started me on pitocin and within twenty minutes they called for the anesthesiologists. Within the 30 minutes it took for him to come I had gone from a 5 to an 9 and I was feeling it. I was having my contractions in my back and I wanted the drugs, and I wanted them now. Marshall and the nurse applied pressure on my lower back to help counter act the pain but it was still rough. Then the anesthesiologists gave me my epidermal and everything was right in the world again. I think I told the anesthesiologists that I loved him multiple times. 

Within another 30 minutes I was at a 10, but the babies head was turned and we needed to wait for him to come down a bit. I took about an hour long nap, and then started to push. The nurse and doctor told me to expect to push between an hour and half to three hours because it was my first. That seemed like forever when they told me. We then started to push, and Marshall helped me count and kept track of my contractions on the monitor. Marshall was amazing throughout the entire thing. He was so calm and supportive(without being too supportive and annoying), and helped in all the right ways. Two hours later Kade Linford Morrison was born at 8:40 PM weighing in at 7 lbs and 9 ounces and 21 inches in length. When they layed him on my chest I have never been so overwhelmed with love in my entire life. It was so instant and strong. 

We love you Kade! 

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