Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in Washington

 This year we got to spend Christmas in Washington at my parents house. It was a quite Christmas for my parents with only Marshall and I, along with my sister Betsy and her family. There are usually three times as many times people at their house for Christmas as there was this year, but as sad as it was that we had family missing it was a nice change of pace. Marshall and I were stuck in Rexburg last year all alone. And to spare you my pathetic whining and desperation we will just say that it was one of my rougher holidays. So, it was absolutely wonderful to be with family this year. I loved every minute of playing Disney headbands with Ella(even if we did play 50 times in a matter of days), watching Marshall fall head over heels in love with our niece Soffie, playing the adult version of headbands with Dave(you just had to be there), having little visitors come into our bedroom bright and early most mornings just to say hi, being able to see my sister Trina and niece Talia even if it was only for an extremely short amount of time, and lastly sitting around with my family almost every night just talking about absolutely everything. It just doesn't get much better than family and Christmas!


  1. That makes me so sad (for me) but so glad you got to go home for Christmas! Yeah! Did you get to see Trina?

    1. Yeah we did get to see her and Talia on our way through Tri-Cities. We went to breakfast, and it was really fun. We will hopefully see you guys this summer at Twin Lakes!