Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve and Old Souls

So it is official. Marshall and I are pretty much just an old married couple. I have thought it to myself several times, but always just brushed it off. I can no longer deny it though. It is New Years Eve, we are in our early/mid twenties and we are in bed by eleven o'clock. These are suppose to be our living it up and partying years, but not for us the old married couple. Don't get me wrong we did have an awesome day today, but not what one would normally expect from a young married, somewhat newlywed couple. We just need to embrace it I guess. We are old souls( I do think the fact the our names Nancy and Marshall were both most popular names given to babies in the year 1949 might have something to do with it), and its fine. We had an awesome year together old souls and all. So here is to 2012 and all the wonderful moments and memories you brought, and all the wonderful ones to come in 2013. Happy New Year!


  1. You are not old. If you are old what I am I? Love the picture!

  2. Trina I wasn't trying to say that we are old. We just kind of act like we are LOL. It was great seeing you at Christmas. Miss you guys!